Maternity Services

Special Touches for You and Baby

Childbirth is a very personal experience for the entire family. Whether you are thinking about having a baby or already pregnant, the comprehensive maternity program at Ingalls offers a variety of services for mother, baby, and family.

Whether you are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, the Maternity Suites at Ingalls are available to support and care for you during this exciting time in your life. Our comprehensive services, experienced staff, state-of the art equipment and attractive birthing suites will make your birthing experience one that you and your family will cherish. To add to your comfort, our 20 private birthing suites feature all the comforts of home, including televisions with VCR/DVD players, sleeper-sofas for baby's dad or support person to spend the night, hardwood floors, large showers, soft lighting, plush furnishings and a wooden glider to rock baby to sleep.

Ingalls also provides valet "Stork" parking for pre-registered patients. Patients drive up to the hospital's main entrance and present their VIP pass. A staff member meets them in the lobby and personally escorts them to their labor and delivery suite.

As an added benefit, Taking Care of Mom and Baby, created by our maternity staff, is our gift to every woman who delivers at Ingalls. The book's contents provide helpful answers about baby's care in those first important days.

At Ingalls, obstetricians and pediatricians work hand in hand with many other specialists including anesthesiologists, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory specialists, social workers, certified lactation consultants to assist with breastfeeding and doulas to assist with labor and delivery.

To find a doctor, call Ingalls Care Connection at 708.915.CARE(2273) or click the Find a Doctor link in our menu above to find a doctor online.

Ingalls is home to a Level II Nursery with Extended Neonatal Capabilities. This distinction recognizes the advanced monitoring equipment and technology used in our nursery and the special training our staff has completed in everything from ventilator support to how to care for high-risk newborns. Ingalls birthing unit also includes two state-of-the-art surgical suites for cesarean deliveries, conveniently located just down the hall from the maternity suites.

Research shows that mothers-to-be who receive prenatal care throughout their pregnancy are less likely to have premature or low-birth- weight babies, and are less likely to encounter serious health problems related to their pregnancy.

The Healthy Baby Network is a community outreach program that includes a unique network of local healthcare providers, retailers, government agencies, schools and community organizations that work together to coordinate prenatal care, education and social services for pregnant women. The program is managed by Ingalls Memorial Hospital, which has more than 85 years of experience delivering high-quality healthcare and community services.

The Healthy Baby Network does not charge a fee to use its services. Instead, each patient is assessed for public aid programs that provide medical, nutritional or financial assistance. Patients who are qualified to receive public assistance are enrolled in the appropriate program(s) with the help of the program's dedicated nurse navigator.

What's more, patients enrolled in the Healthy Baby Network can also enroll in Ingalls' weekly parenting e-mail service. This FREE service is powered by The Parent Review and includes tips and advice for expectant moms. Messages are personalized to coincide with your delivery date. They include information on your baby's development, wellness tips and much more.

For more information about the The Healthy Baby Network, call 708.915.3825.

A childbirth class is a great way to prepare for labor, birth and infant care. At Ingalls, our highly trained childbirth educators offer a full array of classes designed to help you and loved ones prepare for the new addition to your family. Classes include:

  • Lamaze (a technique for natural childbirth)
  • Cesarean birth
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean
  • Tours of Ingalls maternity suites.

For more information on Women's Health, Maternity, and Children's programs or to register for classes call 708.915.CARE(2273).

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Classes & Events


The program is designed to prepare women for a successful nursing relationship with their babies.

Cesarean Birth

Increased understanding and awareness of what to expect during a Cesarean birth helps to reduce fear and anxiety.

Infant Care

Child care class, few things mean more to new parents than knowing they can care for their infant with confidence.


Classes cover the following topics and more: * Preparing for labor - what to expect * Involving the coach in the childbirth experience * How to cope with pain and discomfort * Pain medication options - including epidural * Cesarean births * Tour of the Maternity Suites * Labor support (Doula) information

Lamaze Refresher

This class is for couples who have previously completed a full Lamaze course.

Lamaze Saturday

Couples wishing to learn the Lamaze method of prepared childbirth in one Saturday.

Maternity Suites Tour

BWomen planning a family have many birthing options. At Ingalls, labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) can all take place in a spacious comfortable, single-room maternity suite.

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