Intensive Outpatient Program

Short-Term Behavioral Health Services for Adults 18+

Are you or someone you know struggling with depression caused by an illness, job loss, divorce or financial difficulties? Is stress preventing you from performing your daily life activities? Have you ever gone to the emergency department with chest pain, and it turns out it was a panic attack?

Ingalls Behavioral Health Services Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), located at the Ingalls Family Care Center in Flossmoor, can help.

Led by a board-certified neuropsychiatrist, the program became the area’s first and only short-term behavioral health treatment program for adults, ages 18 and above, when it debuted in 2012.

It is intended for individuals struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, or chronic medical conditions, or those who are experiencing impacts from a neurological disease and/or mild memory impairment.


After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, treatment plans are created for each individual and include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and medical management
  • Group therapy and family intervention
  • Neuropsychological testing for cognitive-decline conditions
  • Genetic testing for Alzheimer’s, and
  • Imaging techniques, including CT, MRI, and PET scanning, for the most accurate diagnosis.

A multidisciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, a geriatric specialist, a neuropsychologist, a psychiatric clinical nurse practitioner and licensed clinical therapists, meets weekly to discuss each individual in the program and give input on the best way to proceed. Psychiatrists also are available during the week, as well as a clinical nurse practitioner, therapists and case managers.

Psychotherapy groups focus on specific, here-and-now difficulties related to low self-esteem, stress management, grief and loss, etc. Psycho-educational groups provide comprehensive information related to psychiatry, psychology, medication and general wellness. The groups also address a host of issues pertinent to medical conditions, such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

Other helpful techniques are incorporated into the patient’s individualized treatment plan and may include Tai Chi, lifestyle changes, yoga, mindful meditation, memory fitness, music appreciation and family therapy.

For more information or a confidential consultation, call the Intensive Outpatient Program at 708.915.8600.